A solid online presence that includes a beautiful & strategic website is what will make you stand out of the crowd in this competitive online world!

Within 3 seconds of landing on your website, people decide if they are going to stay, or leave…I know. It’s a scary statistic. But it’s true. Whether you have an online or a bricks and mortar business, connecting with people via the web is the foundation of entrepreneurship today!

There’s no way around it!

If you want to tap into the vast earning potential and opportunities out there, you need a beautiful website.

You think “If I build it, they will come!” But a beautiful website isn’t enough. To create the long-term success you dream of, you also need a plan to connect with and sustain a customer base of raving fans.

But no one has ever reached success on their own, not even Oprah!

And because we’re human, there’s just so much we can take on and make happen by ourselves.

That’s where we come in.

Other web designers may create a site that looks good and delivers what you want but their work stops there. You’ll usually pay between $3000-$5000 to work with a programmer, but even with that investment, there’s no business plan, no strategy, no help. You may have a pretty website to show for your investment, but you’ll be left with no idea how to find your customers and build your influence.

Even the most beautiful website won’t magically attract your clients. They need to find you first, which is basically like finding a needle in a haystack in today’s crowded online space.


So what’s so different about working with us?

We give you what you want AND give you what we know you need to succeed! We don’t just deliver pretty. We also deliver SMART.

We’ll build you a beautiful website, that’s uniquely yours, AND support you as you implement a strategic plan to attract your customers and create a solid online presence. We call this your online ecosystem, and it’s essential to your success.

We are by your side, the whole time helping you become the smart and strategic business owner that creates success for years to come.

We set things up in a way that is user friendly for you and we speak your language. You’ll understand what we did, how and why we did it, and you’ll be able to run your website with confidence in the future. This way, you avoid the all too common and paralyzing fear of having no idea what your programmer actually said (speak in code much?), or how to make changes or edits to your site without breaking everything. Instead, we make sure you’re an informed and capable partner in the process.

We teach and coach you to help you learn the skills you need, see opportunities for growth, and make the most out of what you have. We want you to become the most successful entrepreneur possible by giving you the knowledge you need.

 This is not a one man show. For the same price as you would pay a programmer, you are getting the expertise of a web designer, a branding expert, a copywriter, 2 business coaches, a project manager, a virtual assistant, an online web expert AND a programmer.

Jennifer Young – Founder of Injoy Business »

I call Jennifer my guardian angel because she’s always been there when my business needed it most. She lead the redesign of my site with such brio, truly listening to my needs and allowing me to put into motion the vision I had for my online presence. Jennifer has gotten me unstuck on several occasions and I have her to thank for where my business is at today.

Geneviève Colmer

Founder & Editor, The Red Fairy Project

It was such a pleasure working with Injoy Business to create my website. The process was smooth, on schedule and the results were fabulous! Many of their suggestions I continue to use daily. A beautiful finished product and a happy customer. Thanks so much… Louise Carote

Happiness coach & Author, www.louisecarota.com

Our main mission at Injoy Business is to make sure entrepreneurs don’t settle for anything less than the amazing vision they have for their future.

We give you the tools, knowledge and support you need to keep taking that next step forward towards your success. The small, daily steps towards your bigger dreams. This journey together runs over a period of 3-6 months depending on the scope of the mandate, which we will evaluate with you.

In this timeline you get our undivided attention, support, personalized strategies & implementation plans.


A creative brainstorming session before we begin our work together to talk about your big visions & goals, create an action plan for the months ahead and determine the best route for your success.

The creation of a full website (see details & inclusions here).

Here are a few websites that we recently built:

Clarity on your 2 key archetypal business advantages and how to translate that into tangible, business assets (read your niche and ideal client profile) that make you money and grow your influence… effortlessly.
Branding & graphic design for your website. You’ll get a beautiful new logo/ wordmark for your business and the perfect visuals to make your brand shine. We’ll select a refined colour palette, sift through thousands of stock images to find just the right look for your website, and choose polished fonts to communicate who you are to your ideal clients.
Copywriting workshops and support. As your resident wordsmith, Monica will show you how to write copy for your website and sales page that’ll make people stop what they’re doing… and drool a little. We’ll look at the mechanics of great writing, and how to make your ideal client think you’ve got psychic powers and can read her mind. Which is the best way to convert propsects into paying clients using trust.
Additional business coaching (with 2 coaches) throughout the mandate, which includes weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one consultation sessions to strategize your next steps + execution time by our team of experts to refine your online presence, take care of technical tasks or anything you are not comfortable doing.

Investment: starting at $3500*

*payment plans available.

Need something smaller to start? Learn about our 1 pager package or our 3 pager package. Contact us to discuss your needs »»»

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