Our team is our family. Without them, Injoy Business wouldn’t be what it is. Collaborating with other talented and inspiring entrepreneurs is what creates success for anyone. It never happens alone! The whole of us creates a very unique variety of expertise, giving us the freedom and flexibility to help entrepreneurs in many different ways. From different styles of coaching, to web design, to project management, business strategizing and more, we can truly adapt our work to your needs!

Geneviève Colmer

Founder & Editor in chief at The Red Fairy Project


Geneviève is an international yoga teacher, speaker and founder of The Red Fairy Project, an online destination that offers daily doses of inspiration on how to live healthy and happy. She shares her time between Canada and Switzerland which allows her to connect with like-minded seekers from all corners of the world. Geneviève quit a lucrative job in the all consuming fashion industry three years ago to follow her dream of starting a purpose-based wellness business. Her willingness to take this brave leap has been the subject of several articles in renowned media including La Presse, Châtelaine and many more (view here).

Her expertise: Content creation, project management, online user experience, creating smart and beautiful visual experiences, social media marketing.

Chrissy Gruninger

Coach, author & Founder of Sanguine Collective


Chrissy is the owner of Social [media] Wellness, an international online marketing company. She primarily works with eco and wellness companies and individuals, or as she likes to say, “good people doing good things”. With a graduate degree in sustainable living along with health coaching and yoga certifications, she blends her background in conscious living with online marketing strategy, helping her clients bring their positive messages of wellbeing and harmony into the world.

Her expertise: Coaching, marketing, assisting with launches, virtual assistance, social media strategy and management.

Monica Carota

Strategic Business Coach at

Monica works with forward-thinking business leaders who are poised for growth, but don’t have the clarity they need to scale effectively or create their desired impact. She offers elegant solutions so they can stop worrying about the details and get back to the business of delivering best-in-class results. As a consultant, coach and designer, Monica creates beautiful, polished and insightful experiences for her clients over at

Often spotted in a tailored pencil skirt, crisp french cuffs, with flashes of pastel purple streaked through her impeccably styled blonde hair, she’s classic, elegant and skillful, with a twist of the unexpected. Just the right combination for success. Including yours.

Her expertise: Transformative coaching, business strategy, graphic & web design.

Jennifer Jane Young

Coach, writer & Founder of Injoy Business and The Art of Making Things Happen


Jennifer Young holds a background in wellness and in business. She’s a certified Yogatherapist, a business coach and a visionary that has 7+ years of entrepreneurial experience under her yoga pants, running her own business and helping others start and grow theirs. She’s known for her natural ability to mentor and support people in bringing their visions to life. The common thread in everything she does is to inspire people to listen to their yearnings and not settle for anything less. Jennifer teaches people The art of making things happen in life & in business. She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed and INJOY the business journey.

Her expertise: Coaching, marketing, web design, communications, helping people get started or get unstuck.

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