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Stagnating in business because of execution struggles (having an idea but not knowing how to bring it to life) is the number one challenge that keeps entrepreneurs stuck. The key is to delegate so that you can have mental space to do what you are actually meant to be doing! Whether it’s updating your website, setting up social media accounts, creating a Facebook ad, managing and setting up a newsletter or anything else that requires technical know-how, we’re here to do it for you! Contact us to discuss your needs.


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*1 month expiration for a 5 hour card | 2 month expiration for a 10 hour card

Jenn! You truly are a visionary. The hour you spent with me, reviewing my website, resulted in me making simple, yet effective (and totally awesome) changes to my site. My site is now so much more inviting and I have noticed that visitors are staying longer than they were before. I am so happy and grateful that I met you!!

Melissa Van Heuval

Wellness coach, Toronto


Strategic Business Coaching

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Website Creation

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Branding & Design



Blog Creation & Strategy

Social Media Setup & Strategy

Podcast Creation & Strategy

E-commerce & Membership Sites


We want you to know that we don’t just build websites. We help you create a strong online business ECOSYSTEM. That means building a smart website that is backed by a solid marketing AND communication plan. In other words, we ensure that every point of contact potential customers have with you is amazing and crafted to help you generate results. During this process, we weave in strategic business coaching to help you through this labour of love and to continue building on your strategic plans.

A few sites we’ve created: redfairyproject.com | christinelee.co | jenniferjane.ca | slowtraining.ca | koddoandco.com

Investment starting at $3500 (we create personalized proposals based on our client’s needs)

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Via virtual meetings, we brainstorm new ideas together, determine how you can generate more results (more revenue, a bigger following, more brand awareness) and step in with strategic recommendations when necessary. Most importantly we show you how you can GET RESULTS by making business SIMPLE!

This program includes (per month):

  • Initial creative brainstorm and strategy session to plan for the growth of your business & how to reach your goals
  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching meetings via our online conference system (2 per month)
  • Execution hours (if needed) to help you with tasks that feel overwhelming (ex: crafting social media posts, managing email marketing, website updates, etc)
  • In between meetings, we assess the current status of your business and establish a strategic plan for your next steps


Who this program is for: the entrepreneur who is looking for clarity and guidance to grow their business over a period of time and that needs coaching throughout the process. This service can be highly valuable wether you are just beginning on your entrepreneurial journey or if you’ve been in business for a while and are looking to create new results to move into the next chapter.

Also included: The strength finder fascination test to help you discover how you best add value to the world

Investment: A personalized proposal will be crafted based on your needs

Jennifer Young, founder of Injoy Business is a visionary & creative leader with a strong left brain that helps you see paths to success. Her strong problem solving skills is what allows her to help people work through challenges, change patterns that keep them stuck and create strategic plans to reach their goals. She merges wisdom from the last 9 years of being an entrepreneur with her expertise in personal development from her training in Yogatherapy.

She has built a team at Injoy Business to help entrepreneurs take that next step forward and grow into their fullest potentiel via a variety of customized services to start and grow a business!

How to setup your Wordpress website: a step by step guide to get you started!

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