Last month, we launched our Masterclass video series featuring inspiring business conversations with successful leaders. Our goal is to let you discover their stories so that you can gain insights on the next steps you need to take for your business but also to deepen your understanding about your unique journey. We kicked things off with the fabulous Tammy Uyeda, founder of FitSpark Health and creator of the FitSpark app. We chose Tammy because she is a perfect example of how we believe entrepreneurs need to show up in their life to reach their goals. Tammy embodies what we thrive to teach here at Injoy Business. She demonstrates the strength and courage that is needed to attain success. Below, Tammy shares a story on an important lesson she learned that had an impact on her personal life but also on how she does business. We want to thank Tammy for sharing her journey, insights and entrepreneurial passion. Watch our interview with Tammy.

You know the expression “Your health is your wealth”? Well, it’s more than just a saying to me.  It’s been a mantra ever since I experienced a health scare that put everything into perspective. I was standing in my kitchen prepping veggies for dinner – nothing stressful, nothing at all strenuous.  All of a sudden my heart started pounding as if I had just finished a 10 kilometre run.  What was going on?

I’ve always thought of myself as a very healthy and resilient person.  I’ve been involved in sport and fitness all of my life and believed that I was someone who could persevere through challenges and be successful with outcomes if I just worked hard enough.   I’ve pushed through injuries in sport, prided myself in rarely getting ill, and had felt that I could depend on myself to push my own boundaries – both physically and mentally – to successfully get tasks and projects done.

In the previous two years leading up to my moment in the kitchen, I had been promoted to a new role in management in addition to my pre-existing role as a treating physiotherapist.  I felt the initial rush of excitement of taking on this new challenge of juggling both positions, but very quickly realized that I felt like a jack-of-all-trades – master of none.   There were never enough hours in my day to do it all to the standards I’d set for myself. Even worse, I was doing less and less regular exercise, was eating poorly, worked tons of overtime, and was not getting enough sleep – pushing myself towards that imaginary light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought I was handling the increased stress and pressures well – until this incident in the kitchen.   My body was failing me!  No.  Wait.  I was failing my body!  This sudden realization hit me almost as hard as my pounding heart did.  My body knew better and it had tried to give me subtle warnings along the way, but now, it was screaming at me to stop. Just stop. Little incidents of heart flutter began to occur more regularly after that and I knew I needed to make a move with my career for my sake and for the sake of my young family.

While it is the norm in our society that we push ourselves to reach the next level of experience, gain higher prestige in our work environments, make the extra bonuses, or work more overtime so that we can have all of the pretty, fancy, cool things that monetary wealth can bring, nothing is more precious or valuable than our health.  Fundamentally, good health should not be something that we take advantage of until it is too late and it is not something money can buy back.  If it were, Steve Jobs would surely still be with us today, right?

More and more often, I hear of another friend-of-a-friend who has been affected by serious illness or watch the older generations in my family work to age gracefully with a good quality of life.  I know now, more than ever, that my health is my wealth.  Decisions that I make about my career today are made with this deep respect in mind so that I can continue to live each day in joy and happiness with my family.

Since returning to regular exercise, eating more mindfully, respecting my sleep schedule and changing up my career, I know that I am replenishing my health bank.  Life is popping and opportunities seemingly present themselves now simply because I am more present and can show up and live life in a way that I could not before.

As an added bonus, since launching my FitSpark fitness app and building the parent company, FitSpark Health, I have created a broader platform on an international scale that allows me to share fitness with others.  I am working hard to provide people with the tools and support they need to help them build their own wealth of health and happiness so that, hopefully, we can all work towards a more rich life.

If you would like to get a better idea of what I do and the workouts I offer, you can a FREE 5 day HIIT workout challenge here!


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