You have better things to do than clean your home. How does the title of this article make you feel? What was the first thought or emotion that was generated from reading it? If I’m honest, my first thought was “Heck yeah, I have better things to do than clean my house!”.

I was running some errands this week and saw the below pamphlet at a spa I was visiting and couldn’t help but pick it up. These ladies hit the nail on the head with the tagline for their business and I knew that this could be a great opportunity to inspire you to speak directly to your ideal clients.

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If you’re in business, you’re here to serve others. It’s that simple and as much as we want to bring our visions to life (which is really important), we tend to forget about what our customers actually need or how they are really feeling. I’m terrible at cleaning my house and procrastinate any time I can and yet I feel extremely frustrated when it’s dirty. My days fly by like lightning bolts and my heart is constantly being pulled to spend time on my business so I can keep making a difference. In a nutshell yes, I have better things to do than clean my home! So guess what? These ladies have just made a new client.

Take a moment to see how you can truly serve your clients. What are their pain points and how can you let them know super clearly that you can help? Have fun with it. Sit down and write out some key taglines and send them to people who you know are your ideal clients and ask them which tagline made them want to call you like, yesterday!

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I get so much joy out of discovering businesses that really get how to best serve their customers because that is what makes life so much more enjoyable. We are constantly engaging with companies whether it’s when we go shopping for clothes, go out to the restaurant or hire a massage therapist, so why not make the entire experience (from discovering the brand to actually using the service) totally amazing? Share with us below a few taglines that you’ve come up with and who your ideal client is!

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey.


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