Running a successful business is about more than acquiring new clients and selling to as many as possible. A successful business knows that it’s about giving more to your clients and making the entire experience they go through when interacting with your brand unforgettable. I’m always blown away by businesses that make my experience unforgettable. Great experiences with brands that we discover are one of the best ways for us at Injoy Business to share wisdom that can help you get that much closer to success. One of the main goals when we launched Injoy Business was to make the customer experience so exciting that it would inspire the entrepreneurs working with us to tap into their creativity and do something unique for their  own clients.

PropertyShot41The business that really impressed me lately was The Paia Surf Beach House where I stayed in Maui, Hawaii a few weeks ago. First of all, the owners Chris and Annie are absolutely the sweetest people ever. They make you feel like a friend as soon as you arrive. And the house? It’s one of the most beautifully decorated homes I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell that they put their heart and soul into making the experience really unique. They were so available for us if we needed anything that it literally made us feel like we were being taken care of by good friends.

When we arrived, there was a bottle of white wine (perfect for a warm day in Hawaii) and a few beers waiting for us. Just that little touch made the experience feel that much more special and luxurious. After travelling for so long, having a chilled glass of wine or an ice cold beer was the perfect way to settle into vacation mode.

They created a guest book for people to write about their experience before they leave AND theHow to run a successful business questions encouraged people to talk about what they did while they were there, share their favourite venues and activities which made it great for the newbies coming in because it gave us the top things to do in Maui. It saved us time that we would have dedicated to doing research which instead we could now use to just go out and enjoy Hawaii. So smart!

They went all out and even wrote a book that talked about the Paia Surf House and Maui surroundings. As an entrepreneur, this really showed me that they cared about their business and especially about their clients. It also showed me that they went out of their way to create a brand that could serve people in many ways.

In a nutshell, Chris and Annie created tons of added value through their customer care, the little surprises that waited for us and with the environment that they created (which was even more amazing than what we had read about online).  This is a key concept that can get your business booming quickly. Your customers can become walking, talking billboards telling all their friends and family how great (or not so great) their experience was, sending tons of referrals your way. Easy breezy, free marketing.
successful businessIn business, we can give clients just what they paid for or we can make them feel like they got wayyyy beyond their money’s worth. We all love being taken care of in life and having little surprises that make our experience that much more special. So why not go that extra mile? Your customers will be happy and you’ll feel great too!

I invite you to really look at your business and see how you can make each step of the process super special for your clients. Even if it’s how you send out the invoice. It’s the experience that counts the most. And that is how you create a successful business. The Paia Surf House is already almost fully booked until December!

[Tweet “Set yourself up to be your best, to give your best and to receive nothing but the best.”]

I miss this place dearly and can’t wait to go back. Maui is such a beautiful destination and I strongly recommend if you do go to stay in the beautiful town of Paia (it’s the best place to stay on the island) and more specifically stay at the Paia Surf House for the perfect vacation!

Entrepreneurs stay tuned, we’re thinking business & personal development retreat(s) next year ;).

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey!

Jennifer Young

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