Achieving great things in life or in business is not rocket science. There is one thing that successful people do consistently to reach their business goals and that is to discipline themselves to stay focused. That doesn’t mean that you have to be in a focused mindset all day but what it does mean is to dedicate specific times during your day where you are focused only on the one goal or task at hand.

This is one of the reasons so many people struggle, because they are constantly letting life distract them from their most important work, the work that is going to be life changing and have the biggest impact on others and themselves. Unless you are someone like Tony Robbins who can probably stay focused even if there is an earthquake happening (this man is powerful) you’ll probably need to set up some systems, use tools or create some strict rules to make sure that you dedicate the time necessary to your most important work.

Often we think that we need this big fancy tool to help us, or to buy a program that will teach us how to when often there is a simple solution close by. That simple solution for me has been the ‘Do not disturb’ feature on my MAC products.  That being said, you’ll need a little will to actually activate it and make it work. At first when I found out about this feature I was so excited and thought ‘Ok I’m going to activate it every day’, until excuses started pouring in. What if a client tries to text me, what if an urgent email comes in that I miss, what if the opportunity of a lifetime goes by on Facebook and I don’t see it and what if Oprah calls and I don’t answer! The last example is to show you how ridiculous our excuses can be. And if Oprah does call, I’m sure she’ll appreciate my effort to stay present on the task at hand as she’s a living breathing example of being present and focused.

Since I’ve kicked my excuses out the door and actually made a promise to myself to activate the ‘Do not disturb’ feature while working on my most important projects I’ve moved things forward in a way that I never thought possible with my ADD brain that I live with everyday. I swear, my dog yawns on her cushion and I stop my work to look at how cute she is, so I know I need a system! Everything gets so quiet when I turn on my ‘Do not disturb’ and that is when I feel like I can tap into my zone of genius!

My energy has changed drastically and now there is very little procrastination, anxiety and sense of urgency that sets in because I feel in control and I feel that everything is moving forward perfectly. I’m starting to see what keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my to do list, which makes me realize what I don’t have time for anymore or what doesn’t really need me, hence what I can delegate. I feel empowered, grounded and as if I can move mountains. The amount of satisfaction I have at the end of my day because of the fact that I was able to do the work that I am most yearning to do is worth the painfulness of not checking Facebook or answering every person’s instant demands. I’m someone who loves to please others and who feels a huge responsibility in being a support system when people need but I know now that I’m serving everyone so much better since I’ve made focus is my main priority!

Doing what needs to be done to achieve your goals and dreams comes down to turning pro. It’s about taking your projects seriously, taking full responsibility for your future and not depending on anyone but yourself to make things happen. It’s a choice. You can chose to actually do business or you can continue to practice busyness. You can do this!

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey.


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