Have you ever thought of setting aside some time in your week that is sacred to do the things you love? A special moment that can only be rescheduled if there were let’s say, an earthquake? A blocked off period in your busy schedule that is not dedicated to doing or achieving goals but rather to just being and enjoying? This quote by Sid Ceasar is a great reminder of the importance of making space for sacred moments so that we don’t let life pass us by because we are so caught up in our tasks and goals:
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Most of us have the bad habit of enjoying life when there is time left for it after our task list is completed. What happens when we do things backwards like this is that we become exhausted and resentful towards life and the people around us. The truth is, nothing good will come from us when we are in this kind of state.

I now know that without that sacred time, I’m not being of service to myself or to others around me. I personally chose Sundays as my sacred day but you can be spontaneous and decide when is best for you. Just make sure you plug some time in somewhere. I love Sundays because that day feels quiet and peaceful. It’s the transition time between the weekend that just passed and the week that is to come. It’s a day of reflexion where I can soak in everything that happened throughout the week and look forward to what’s ahead. It seems to be the day that fits perfectly with what I love to do the most which is be home, in nature, reading and spending time with my family. I watch #SuperSoulSunday and tweet my business partner because I know she’s in her snugglies watching it too. Each week I gain insights that will inspire me to be a better version of myself in the months to come. I feel at peace and grounded and that feeds my body, mind and soul so that I can keep moving forward at my best. It’s also my cheat day. I allow myself to do as much of what I want as I please. I drink 3 coffees instead of 2 with pure pleasure, stay in my pjs as long as I want and do whatever else floats my boat! By respecting my sacred Sundays on a regular basis, I begin my week with so much more awareness and I make better choices for my time, my energy and how I am going to show up.

So what is your sacred moment and what do you do with it? If you don’t have one, how can you plan it into your schedule? If it’s not a full day, make it an hour for example, but do set some time aside consistently. This is your sacred moment so make it look however you want, but please, do something. You won’t regret the impact it will have on your life, your joy and how it will allow you to show up as your best self.

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey.


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