Does your business make you happy? Do you even remember why you embarked on this journey in the first place? It’s such a regular occurrence for entrepreneurs to forget originally why they started their business and what their ultimate goal was. Most often, we start a business because we have this burning passion or creativity inside of us that needs to come out and because we want a life of freedom and purpose. When I say creativity I don’t mean artistic. Creative energy has many more layers. It’s the capacity to problem solve, the desire to want to make a change in the world, the calling to help others. And that energy has such a huge creative force for good that it actually makes us feel unhappy to keep it inside of ourselves and so we decide to become entrepreneurs, start a business to channel that energy into something that we not only create that’s impacting the world around us but that’s also allowing us to live a life of freedom.

No matter what your business is, I’m pretty sure that you began with the desire for the things mentioned above. But then, life happens and we forget. We become overwhelmed with our goals, feel stressed about the financial instability and get really stuck not being able to take the next leap or make the next thing happen. Being an entrepreneur can look really glamourous when you haven’t lived it yet and we are often disappointed by the stress that can become part of the journey, especially for those who left corporate jobs to start their own business. We don’t realize how much work it takes, the long term consistent effort that is required and the amount of dedication that is needed to not only keep going everyday without quitting but to also be successful.

So, is it really worth taking this path? If you are a true entrepreneur at heart, the answer to this will probably be HELL YEAH! If you’re like me, you can’t even begin to imagine not waking up to this life each day, even if it’s sometimes hard. Because life is sometimes hard in all situations. Whether you work 9 to 5, are retired or you just won the jackpot and don’t need to work anymore, life can be challenging. So the question you need to ask yourself is which situation do I want to choose for my life, knowing that it will be challenging at some point.

The next question is how can I be truly happy in the lifestyle I have chosen for myself? Because even if you go back to your corporate job, you won’t be any happier if you don’t set up the lifestyle of your dreams. It’s so much easier to face challenges when you wake up to a life that is extremely fulfilling and it’s not just your business that can fulfill that need. You must wake up in a home you love, live in an area that makes you feel comfortable and inspired, be surrounded by the people who bring out the best in you, wear the clothes that make you feel like a superstar, read the books that make you feel like a powerhouse, travel to places that feed your soul, eat the food that makes you feel energized, etc, etc. All that is really important in order for your business to make you happy too so that your business doesn’t take over your life, instead it blends into your life like the perfect accessory.

When that quality of energy (feeling happy and fulfilled) shows up in your business and with your clients, that’s when you can create a true momentum for success. When we’re in survival mode, we literally cut our potential in half. Set up your business around your ideal lifestyle instead of trying to fit your life around your business. You’ll loose yourself and your goals if you do it backwards!

[bctt tweet=”It’s when we’re having fun that we discover who we really are.”]

So when you ask yourself if your business makes you happy, look around at the other aspects of your life and see how they are doing. And literally set yourself up the be your happiest. Make your morning routing exactly how you dream of it being, do more of the activities that fill you with joy, spend more time with the people you love and then fit your business into that. If it doesn’t fit then you need to adjust your business and that’s how you will find that sweet spot. You will be so filled with happiness that when your business is struggling or you’re encountering a challenge, you will be able to show up like a pro and make the best decisions so that you stay in your creative flow and are well on your way to success.

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey,


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