Injoy Business is currently looking to add a virtual assistant to its team. We are looking for an intrapreneur who is highly driven, organized and super duper tech savy!

Key qualities & strengths we are looking for

  • Attention to detail (Text, visuals, foreseeing potential problems or issues)
  • Very comfortable with the online world and able to use these programs like a pro: WordPress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Paypal, Dropbox, Google Drive, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & G+), Skype
  • Accountable: we need to know that you are autonomous in your work and we can rely on you getting the job done without always checking in
  • Independant, structured, organized and able to manage your own schedule and juggle various priorities
  • Resourceful & capable of  problem solving – knowing when to raise the flag or when to find the appropriate solution/resource
  • Capable of teaching yourself how-to’s and research what you need to know to move forward. That being said, we also want you to be able to ask for help when needed. This is team work after all 😉
  • Punctual (on time) and well prepared for meetings
  • Able to take initiative – go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Positive attitude, open & flexible, innovative (suggest better ways of doing things)
  • Manage stress well
  • Capable of taking on different roles: we might ask you to jump into different parts of the business when needed

At Injoy Business, we love long term relationships, so we are looking for a VA that wants to get comfy for a while. Ideally you’re not just doing this as a sideline until you launch your super successful, million dollar business if you know what we mean :).

How Injoy Business integrates employees & what you can expect from us

  • Intrapreneurship is highly encouraged. We want you to feel like you are fully engaged and involved in the business and that you’re part of our success. We don’t see you as our employee, we see you as a key player on this journey with us!
  • We want to trust you with our eyes closed, therefore leave you room to show up with your own strengths and manage things in a way that works best for you. As long as we are reaching our goals together we will be happy
  • Integration! We always want you to know what the bigger plan is and what’s happening in the daily grind. Our weekly meetings together will allow us to paint a clear picture of where we are going so that you feel like you are part of a bigger mission. This will help you work in a way that will support our vision
  • Mentoring. One thing we believe in at Injoy Business is the importance of constantly learning and growing. We are there to help you learn and expand into your highest potential and we highly encourage curiosity. Your personal development is important to us!
  • We’re human! We are all going to make mistakes on this journey together and as much as we all want to be doing our best work, we all want to be understanding too when we mess up. All we can do is our best

Examples of tasks that we will ask you to do (this could change with time and the growth of the business)

  • Programming social media posts in Hootsuite
  • Putting together and programming Mailchimp newsletters
  • Stats overview: getting the statistics from our newsletters, social media, google analytics and creating a summary for us to look at each month
  • Client payments, invoicing & contracts
  • Sharing the Injoy Business love – helping to get the word out on social media, sharing our posts, referring the business when relevant. We want you to feel excited about the business.
  • Brainstorming ideas with us
  • Note taking during meetings
  • Weekly planning for the business & task management
  • Assisting online and in person events
  • Organizing our online documents in Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Doing research for us online

Amount of hours to work for Injoy Business: right now there is no set amount of hours and we will go with the demands of each week as needed.

Please send your resume to and write “assistant” in the subject line. Feel free to include your website if you have one, your social media handles and tell us a bit about YOU and your unique strengths!

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