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Our mission at Injoy Business is to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs. We want to cultivate hope and drive so that you don’t give up on your dreams and can keep taking that next step forward. This is your go-to place to reach your success and push yourself towards your highest potential.

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Jennifer Young holds a background in wellness and in business. She’s a certified Yogatherapist, a business coach and a visionary that has 7+ years of entrepreneurial experience under her yoga pants, running her own business and helping others start and grow theirs. She’s known for her natural ability to mentor and support people in bringing their visions to life. The common thread in everything she does is to inspire people to listen to their yearnings and not settle for anything less. Jennifer teaches people The art of making things happen in life & in business.

She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed and INJOY the business journey. This multi-passionate zen gal has a strong and diverse background which allows her to offer very unique and customized services that are impacting entrepreneurs globally.

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Merging personal development and business strategy together, Jennifer has created a powerful solution to help entrepreneurs set themselves up for success for years to come.

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